Fuze vs Web-Ex vs Go-To Meeting – Online Meeting Software Reviewed

I used to be skeptical of using online meeting software. The first generations were somewhat cumbersome and a bit slow (although that was also likely a factor of lousy internet connections). These days, I couldn’t imagine living without online meeting software. They have saved me countless hours of travel time, and reduced unnecessary trips. Are they good for every possible meeting type? Of course not.  But for certain uses, they are invaluable.

The Gold Standard Web-Ex (by Cisco) and Goto-Meeting have long dominated the Online Meeting marketplace. I just recently heard about a recent newcomer, called Fuze meetings. I like it because it doesn’t require participants to download any plug-ins, and it can even support HD content (the geek in me thinks thats pretty cool). Also, the price point is pretty attractive. Coupled with a 30-day Free Trial of Fuze, sign-up and see how it stacks up for yourself.

What are Web-enabled Online Meetings good for? In my experience, they work really well for:

  • Sales and product demonstrations
  • Training workshops and seminars
  • Client Demos and Q&A sessions with participants in multiple physical locations
  • Project update meetings and working sessions (depending on topic)
  • Adding more life to conference calls
  • Ensuring everyone is literally “on the same page”

Online Meetings are a great way to save money and get work done remotely. Here is the breakdown (from Fuze.com) of Fuze vs. Goto-Meeting vs. WebEx.


  • HD Content:  Zoom in, zoom out, pan across the screen. All without losing image quality.
  • Mobile Meeting Access: Attendees can join a web conference from iPhone or Blackberry, and can host an audio conference with full controls.
  • User-Friendly, Intuitive Interface: Straight-forward features and accessibility. No special configuration is required.
  • Fuze Fetch: Start meetings on time, anytime. “Fetch” feature enables meeting hosts to dial attendees into a meeting.
  • Annotation Tools: Host and attendees can collaborate on projects to make changes.

Get a free 30 Day Trial for UNLIMITED  meetings in HD, plus 2G of storage!

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  1. Thanks for posting this, it is very helpful. I’ve been using GoToMeeting for a couple years now, which works just fine. However, I’ve never been totally pleased with GoToMeeting’s low screen resolution for conference participants. Will have to check out Fuze…



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