Qtask – Online Collaboration Platform Designed for Accountability

Qtask, the online collaboration platform with the motto “Share Collaborate Achieve“, just sent me a press release today announcing 4 new features, including:

1.    Synchronize your Qtask Calendars with Outlook 2007.
2.    Upload and download your files directly to/from Qtask by simple drag and drop via WebDAV. (You can now read  them from your iPhone or BB!).
3.    Easily collaborate on online document, a.k.a Wiki, thanks a our new WYSIWYG editor and a lock mechanism avoiding access conflict.
4.    Work on your preferred browser as we now equally support all four: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

Lets review the features. From an overall standpoint, these features make using Qtask a lot easier. On the other hand, with the exception of Drag and Drop files, however this really just gets QTask up to speed with BaseCampHQ and Central Desktop which both allowing Outlook calendar syncing, WYSIWYG editor, and multiple browser support. Drag and Drop files is a really handy feature, and maybe the other online collaboration platforms will take note.

How is QTask different than the other platforms? With many of the same features as Basecamp, and not as many features as Central Desktop (read my full reviews), QTask has a unique spin on the goal and benefits of collaboration: namely Transparency and Accountability. Of course the other platforms discuss it, but not as their number 1 benefit. QTask goes as far as to even quote a supreme court justice in its Opening Paragraph!  “In his controversial book “Other People’s Money and How the Bankers Use It” , Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis” Now that is not exactly light reading, but it certainly works well for certain clients.

Check out QTask at Qtask.com, or read their full press release here.

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