Goto Meeting Review – Web Conferencing Made Simple

GotoMeeting is one of the leading online meeting software suites available today.  I happen to think it is one of the best available.

GoToMeeting - Online Meetings Made Easy

Ease of Use

GotoMeeting is easy to use because the sign-up process takes less than two minutes, and is very straightforward. Once you are registered, you can start using GotoMeeting for Free right away. Because WebEx registration took over 24 hours, I was expecting Goto Meeting to take just as long. This instant registration was nice surprise. It comes with an industry standard 30 day free trial, which is good, because it gives you a chance to determine if the product really meets your needs or not.


The feature set of GotoMeeting has almost become an industry norm. If you have never used Web conferencing tools before, you will be in for a nice surprise. You can share your entire desktop, or only individual screens on your desktop, which is great. I usually only share programs I want others to see, since it could be embarrassing or worse if the entire conference sees some private email or IM’s. But having the choice is nice. GTM also offers integrated chat features for meeting participants, “total audio support” which basically means they give participants the ability to dial-in to the meeting from any standard telephone, or use the VOIP support so users can join the meeting and hear the call all via the computer.

I also personally love the ability to Record Meetings. This is a great tool for documentation purposes, or to record important conversations in case there are questions later on. This has saved my butt a couple times, I highly recommend it.


Pricing of Goto Meeting falls right in the middle. As I talked about in my post on Fuze (which is the low cost option), and WebEx, which is the high cost option, Goto Meeting has the sweet spot right in the middle at $49 a month.


Suppport is great, with both online, email, and phone options. I always appreciate the ability to actually talk to a real person.

Overall, I highly recommend GotoMeeting. Once you start using it, you may wonder how you got by without it for so long. Cut down on travel, bring together your team, and you will find it hard to not be more productive.

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